Our Services


We offer a range of web and system administration services, in addition to website hosting and domain name regsitrations, to enable businesses to make transition to and remain secure in the web sapce.

Server Management

We offer full server management where we install and update your server so as to keep it secure

Server Security

We can perform security audits of your sever and harden your server to protect it from malware and attacks

Installation Services

We can install any CMS and e-commerce platform, including WordPress, Drupal and Magento, for you

Website Development

We build websites, be it a simple site or complex online store, so that you could concentrate on your business

Server Monitoring

Our server monitoring service ensures that any downtimes do not get unnoticed and get fixed promptly

Server Migration

We can migrate your server from one hosting provider to another with no downtime

Integration Services

We can integrate 3rd party services, plugins, addons and themes to your exsting website

Search Engine Optimisation

Search engine rankings matter and our SEO services can help you get to top in Google search results